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Ice Slurry (Water) Generating Units

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Based on product technology innovation, MOON-TECH provides users with intelligent energy solutions and empowerment platform, and promotes the comprehensive, interconnected and complementary utilization of energy with artificial environment control technology. We have established a refrigeration/heat/water/steam/electricity/sewage/waste multi-energy complementary system, to achieve multiple intensification of equipment, functions and resources. For this reason, a variety of energy comprehensive utilization technologies and energy saving products have been developed, among which the DISU dynamic ice slurry (water) generating unit has been selected into the Recommended Catalogue of National Industrial Energy Saving Technology and Equipment (2019) by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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Ice slurry (water) generating unit, also known as multi working medium broad-spectrum high-efficiency supercooled ice making unit, is an energy-saving and efficient refrigeration equipment developed in recent years by MOON-TECH. The unit adopts the domestic advanced direct evaporative supercooled water ice making technology to solve the heat exchange problem that the efficiency of traditional ice making decreases sharply with the extension of ice making time, and the energy consumption per ton of ice making is extremely low.


Energy consumption per ton of ice making ≤ 43kW.h

ميزات المنتج

Efficient ice making   Super cool storage   Quick chilling   Chilled 0℃

تطبيقات المنتج

This product is widely used for the region with off-peak electricity price or the region where the electricity price difference is large; Process load fluctuates significantly; 0-1℃ constant temperature water supply; cryogenic cooling source of central air-conditioning system; Air conditioning in the workshop; Precooling; Aquatic products processing; Large and medium-sized ice factory and other occasions.