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Ice Water Circulation Unit

الخلفية البحثية والتطويرية

During the operation of the poultry slaughter process, because hot water is used during the slaughter process, the poultry temperature is relatively high, so pre-cooling is required before cutting. The pre-cooling mainly adopts a segmented spiral pre-cooling device. Because a large amount of blood stains and feathers are often present in the process of slaughtering and scalding, a one-time overflow ice water + flake ice cooling mode is applied for the heat exchange of the poultry. The demand for one-time ice water is large and the overflow water often takes away part of the flake ice that is not completely melted by heat exchange, resulting in a significant increase in the operating cost of the slaughter line. In order to increase the heat exchange efficiency and reduce the use of one-time ice water and flake ice, there is an urgent need for an ice water circulation device with stable water temperature. For this reason, our company has successfully developed an ice water circulation unit (red water unit) supported by a strong technical research and development team and product development experience.

نظرة عامة على المنتج

Waterway circulation is mainly used for cold water circulation in spiral pre-cooling tank

Refrigerant: R717/R22/R507A, etc

Cooling Load: 280—900KW

Cooling Water Flow: 50—145m³/h

System waterway setting CIP cleaning

Heat exchange tube (waterway) : food grade 304 stainless steel

Automatic control valve, manual valve and sensor are all famous brands in the industry

ميزات المنتج

Cooling water circulation to reduce operating costs;

The temperature control and liquid supply linkage device ensures a constant temperature of 0.25 ℃;

The detachable end socket is convenient to check the abnormal condition in the pipe;

Smooth transition structure to reduce local resistance;

The diameter of the heat exchange tube is large, suitable for hot water flushing in case of cold water blocking;

Special customized circulating pump with small cavitation allowance, large flow range and stable liquid supply.

تطبيقات المنتج

This product is suitable for immersion washing and cooling process, such as pre-cooling for poultry slaughter, pre-cooling for fruit and vegetable storage, etc.